Resources for Gardeners



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In no particular order:


A Way to Garden - Great information on gardening from a former gardening editor for Martha Stewart Living Magazine.


Audubon - Bring more birds to your home with native plants.


Martha Stewart Gardening - The first step to being a good gardener is understanding the fundamentals. Whether you are seeking advice for your flower garden, vegetable garden, or simply your lawn, we have compiled all the best gardening tools, techniques, tips and tricks to help your garden flourish.


The Native Plant Center at Westchester Community College - Educating people about the environmental necessity, economic value, and natural beauty of native plants in the Northeast.


Cornell Cooperative Extension of Westchester County -  Our horticulture and environmental programs help people and industries maintain environmentally-friendly, attractive plantings and control indoor and outdoor pest problems.


New York Botanical Garden - At NYBG in 2019, we’re showing our love for plants with a year of exhibitions, programs, and projects exploring the essential connections between plants, people, and the environment.


Bringing Nature Home - The books and lectures of professor Doug Tallamy. 


Good Housekeeping - 30 Gorgeous Indoor Plants That Are Almost Impossible to Kill


American Horticultural Society Gardening Resources -


9th District Federated Garden Clubs of New York State


Cornell Botanic Gardens - Connecting plants and peoples for a world of diversity, beauty, and hope.

Hilton Carter - plant doctor and stylist and author of Wild at Home.

INaturalist - Inventory the plant and wildlife of the Hommocks Conservation Area in Larchmont, including invasive species.

National Garden Clubs - The GCL is a member of the National Garden Clubs. Lots of information can be found on their website at NGC objectives: beautification, education of environmental efforts, gardening, and involvement of Garden Clubs in your community.