The Garden Club of Larchmont is a community of gardening enthusiasts sharing tips and advice on gardening, landscaping, garden planning, nature study and conservation of our natural resources.  We come together and work to better our community through philanthropic, educational and civic activities for the beautification and betterment of our community.  From container and rain gardening to growing vegetables and landscaping, we get our hands dirty in just about everything.  Many of our members are brand new to gardening, but many are also "seasoned gardeners" who know thier stuff!


Our 70+ membership meets monthly (September - June) for lectures, field trips and community outreach.  We hope to see you at an upcoming meeting!

In June this year the club held a garden competition, to award the Julia Latimer prize to the best garden of one of our members. Three lovely gardens were reviewed by a panel of expert judges from the 9th District, and reluctantly they chose one garden to be # 1, though they wanted to award first prizes to all three. The shade garden of Jennifer Jones, and the hillside garden of Catherine Wachs were judged to be excellent, nicely designed for their locations. Andrea Boyar's cottage garden was given First Prize, with a charming blend of old-fashioned blooms, vegetables and fruit trees along one edge, and a patio designed for maximum comfort during the hot afternoons and evenings. Photos below give a sense of how lovely these properties truly are.